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maintenance May 25, 2016

What does your car color say about you?

Choosing the type of vehicle you drive is important. The decision is usually based on the brand, model, trends, safety ratings etc. However, a driver may love a Toyota Camry but never consider buying it in the color Red. That’s because drivers have a preference in car colors. What you may or may not realize is, your car color preference usually reflects your personality! Have you always driven a white car? Did you drive a red car then change to black after entering a different stage of life?

Take a look at this list to see if your car color matches your personality and lifestyle:

Do you drive a black car?

Just like a stylish black suit or fashionable black cocktail dress, black cars represent luxury and sophistication. Black car drivers are usually distinguished but not flashy.

Do you drive a white car?

White reflects purity and elegance. White car owners usually like a fresh, clean, modern look in their car and all other areas of their lives.

Do you drive a silver car?

Silver colored car owners live a busy lifestyle. They are usually business savvy; appreciate the finer things in life, with a little sparkle.

Do you drive a red car?

Typically red colored car owners are outgoing and full of energy. They are usually ambitious, determined and like life with a little bit of excitement.

Do you drive a gray car?

Gray colored car drivers ordinarily prefer a life without a lot of drama or stress. They are practical, cautious and don’t feel the need to be flashy.  

Do you drive a Brown or Beige?

Drivers who choose brown or beige colored cars usually care more about the performance of the vehicle over the look or style. They are usually responsible drivers as well!

One thing all car owners have in common is the goal of keeping their vehicle driving reliably.  Keep your car maintained with quality auto repair and service provided by Virginia Tire & Auto.

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