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safety October 12, 2015

Why is my dashboard Oil light on?

Your dashboard serves as an alert system to many parts on and in your car. If you are driving and a light illuminates that says “OIL” or looks like an old fashioned oil can, you should STOP THE CAR IMMEDIATELY!

This is one warning light that should be taken serious. The oil light comes on when your engine suffers a drop in oil pressure. Without oil pressure it can't lubricate itself, and the result is self-destruction. The consequence of ignoring this alert is guaranteed to include significant internal engine repairs.

If the oil light comes on while you are driving, pull over as soon as it’s safe and turn the engine off. Check the Oil level. If it is low, add some engine oil and see if the light goes off. If not, get your vehicle to one of Virginia Tire & Autos 12 northern Virginia locations for a check up.

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