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maintenance June 25, 2015

Virginia State Inspection Check List

On any given, day millions of cars and light trucks operating in the United States are due for a state inspections. Before taking your vehicle for a Virginia State Inspection, we advise you to visually check the following items on your vehicle to save you time and hassle.

1.    Check the tread depth! You can use a Penny as measurement, if you can see Lincoln's head; your tires are too low on tread and will most likely fail. Also, check for tire wear on the outside and inside of the tire. If you see wear on only side then your car is probably out of alignment.


2.    Check your lights! Inspect all the lights on your vehicle, headlights, back lights, reverse lights, marker lights, brake lights, turn signals and an often overlooked area: your tag light. If any of these lights are not working, your vehicle will not pass inspection. If you notice a condensation build up, this issue could cause you to fail as well.


3.    Broken mirrors are always associated with bad luck. Make sure your vehicle doesn't have any cracked, chipped or missing mirrors.

4.    Honk that horn and make sure it’s loud, with no muffled sound.


5.    Be sure your windshield is clear of any cracks or improperly placed stickers, your wipers are properly working and the defroster is operating.


6.    Check your dashboard for any warning lights. If you have a check engine light on then your vehicle will not pass inspection.

7.    Listen for any unusual noises coming from within or under your car, if anything seems out of the ordinary, you may want to bring it in for a check up.

Once you have visually examined these areas on your car, here is what you can expect the Virginia Tire State Inspection to consist of:

·      Inspect the Brakes

·      Inspect the Parking Brake

·      Inspect the Vehicle Lights

·      Inspect the Signal Devices

·      Inspect Steering & suspension

·      Inspect the tires, wheels & rims

·      Inspect the mirrors

·      Inspect the horn

·      Inspect the windshield

·      Inspect the windshield wipers and defroster

·      Inspect the exhaust system

·      Inspect the license plate

·      Inspect the hood and are underneath

·      Inspect the air pollution control system

·      Inspect the drivers seat

·      Inspect the air bag & air bag readiness light

·      Inspect the vehicles doors

·      Inspect the fuel system

·      Inspect the floor pan

·      If all items are approved, an Issue sticker will be given

·      If any issues are observed, they must be corrected and reinspected within 15 days.

Virginia Tire and Auto offers Virginia State Inspection at all 12 locations. To schedule an check up or Virginia State Inspection, visit: http://vatire.com

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