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savings April 23, 2015

Tips to save money on gas mileage

If you live in the NOVA area, you are aware of how gas prices fluctuate unpredictably. Increasing your gas mileage is an easy way to save money. Common gas saving myths include:

“Using your vehicles air condition will lower your fuel economy”

According to Consumer Reports using your air condition only uses 1 mpg of gas and no significant difference in gas mileage was found.

“Its better to keep your car idling than turn it off” 

Yes, your vehicle uses a burst of gas when starting the ignition but if you’re engine is going to be idling for over 30 seconds, its more beneficial to turn the car off. 

Virginia Tire and Auto would like to offer you these tips to increase your vehicle fuel use:

  • Consolidate your trip- Coordinate your errands and try to schedule trips during off peak commute times 
  • Check your tires- Underinflated tires play a huge impact on fuel economy
  • Hump Day- Statistically gas prices are cheaper on a Wednesday
  • Download an App- Of course there’s an app for tracking gas prices! There are networks that share current gas prices in geographical areas for comparison; sometimes driving an extra 3 blocks will pay off!  
  • Being ‘Cool’ pays off- Gasoline is densest when it’s cold. Gas pumps measure and charge by volume
  • Credit Cards for Gas- There are some credit cards that offer gas rewards, just be sure to pay off the balance each month!
  • Consistent Driving- Accelerate slow and brake smoothly! The Cruise Control option can also assist in a steady speed 
  • Be aware of light patterns- The less you have to STOP, the less gas you’ll burn. Stop lights and the speed limit are associated, drive the speed limit and cruise through those green lights!

Virginia Tire and Auto can also assist you in saving money on gas. A car running in poor condition will use more gas than a serviced one! For instance, a dirty air filter can reduce gas mileage by up to 20%. 

Be sure to maintain your vehicle for optimal fuel savings. To schedule an appointment, click to http://vatire.com/schedule-appointment/

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