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tires April 30, 2015

Why Tires Are The Most Important Choice You Make About Your Car, Truck or SUV

Everyone takes pride in their vehicle, the make and model, interior, after market parts but the TIRES on your vehicle should be the most important feature to you. 

Regardless of what engine your car has, how fast your car can accelerate and go or how well it’s built, it all comes down to the tires because they can alter your vehicle’s performance and ride quality. 

Tires are your car’s only contact to the road. There are a variety of benefits to maintaining and/or investing in quality tires:

Traction- The performance of your tires in different road and weather conditions greatly depends on the tire tread. Even during optimal road conditions, for a car to accelerate and use the full force of its engine, you need tires that grip well to the road; otherwise power and control will be lost due to skidding 

Safety- Tires are designed to endure a vehicles speed and influence braking distance 

Comfort- Tires soften the impact from the road and supports the weight of the car providing a smoother riding experience

Gas Mileage- The condition of your tires can make a significant impact on your gas usage. If your tires are worn, the vehicle has to work harder which leads to poor gas mileage.

Looks- You have to admit, image matters. The look of a tire can make for a positive or negative image of your vehicle

Clearly, it is important to pay attention to your tires! To learn more about Tire Maintenance, you can visit: http://vatire.com/support/  

Virginia Tire and Auto takes pride in having one of the largest selections of tires in Northern Virginia . Our knowledgeable staff is committed to finding the best fit for your vehicle and driving habits. Visit http://vatire.com/tires/ to browse our inventory or call our knowledgeable team at 855.425.3677 . Hope to see you soon! 

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