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maintenance April 16, 2015

How to maximize your car battery's life

Nothing is more inconvenient than going to start your vehicle and the engine not turning on. A common cause for this problem is a dead car battery. Every vehicle needs a car battery to start the engine. A car battery is also used in sustaining, filtering and producing power for the ignition and electrical lighting.  

With routine maintenance and care you can get the most use out of your car battery. Here are some helpful tips to maximize your car battery’s life: 

Clean your battery by removing the clamps and wipe away the grease, dirt and oxidation. A dirty battery connection will weaken the charge

Keep the battery tray clean, dirt and build up on the casing of the battery can drain its power   

Be sure the battery is secure and sitting correctly. A loose battery can spill battery acid over your engine or vibrate and cause loose wiring and a disconnect

Consolidate your errands and trips, each time you start your car it uses your batteries power

Check the car battery water level indicator on a regular basis and fill with distilled water as needed

Invest in a car battery charger that will maintain the ideal charge level when your car is not going to be used for an extended amount of time

In the colder months, park in a garage or on the side of the road where the sun shines on, to give your battery warmth 

Install an insulation blanket. The plastic sheet keeps the battery warm, which can be especially helpful in the cold winter months 

The average car battery lasts 4 to 5 years. You can get the most use out of your car’s battery by properly maintaining it.

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