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tires January 27, 2014

How Do You Tell The Age Of A Tire?

Tire Aging

As tire experts, we are frequently asked if there's an accurate way to determine the age of a tire. The answer is yes and it's relatively. 

Like most products, tires have serial numbers that are known as the Tire Identification Numbers (TIN) in the automotive industry. TIN is a set of ten to twelve letters that are unique to each batch of tires. This number identifies the manufacturer; manufacture location, size and its “born-on” date (the week and year of production). There have been subtle changes made to the TIN over time so below are suggestions on how to determine a tire’s age.

 Tires Manufactured After 2000

The last four digits of a tire’s TIN identify its date of production. The first two digits reflect the week and the last two digits reflect the year of production. For example, if the TIN was “DOT 27BP YP1A 2104”, the tire was produced on 21st week of 2004.


Tires Manufactured Prior To 2000

 For tires manufactured before 2000, you’d only look at the last 3-digits of the TIN. The first two digits reflect the week of the year and third digit reflects the year of the decade in which the tire was produced. The 3-digit method creates some confusion because there is no easy way to determine the decade of a tire’s production. Some tires produced in the 1990s had a small triangle after the TIN. 

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