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maintenance October 22, 2013

Car Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Fall has arrived and that means beautiful colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and unfortunately colder temperatures. There’s no denying the beauty of Fall, but the same goes for the impending chill of winter that is to come. Just like you would for your house or even yourself, you need to prepare your car for winter. Have a look at our car maintenance tips and keep your car rolling right through the winter months.

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Consider Winter Tires

The so-called “All Season” tire has been on the market for decades, and while they do provide stability through winter and summer, a jack of all trades is a master of none. Although Northern Virginia region hasn’t been getting a lot of snow lately, winter tires can be especially important for vehicles that come with OE summer tires. As you may already know, summer tires are terrific for temperatures above 60-degrees Fahrenheit; they don’t provide much comfort or traction during winter weather.

Winter tires have improved their style from the early cumbersome, loud tires that looked like they belonged on an army Hummer to the new tread patterns and rubber compounds that make them quieter on dry roads, yet even more effective on frozen stuff. If you choose to go with winter tires, there are several options to fit your needs and one of our qualified team members would be happy to assist.

Winter Wipers

The elements are particularly tough on your car in the winter. Rain, ice, snow, and fog will do everything in their power to make your visibility all but none. Consider a set of beam blade wipers for your car, they don’t have an external blade so there’s no worry of them freezing up in the cold. Always turn off your wipers before turning off your car. If they freeze and are trying to move when the car is turned back on, it can burn out the motor leading to much greater car maintenance concerns.

Charge up your Battery

Another important car maintenance tip to remember is to make sure your battery has plenty of life. The winter months will put more strain on your car battery, especially if you park your car outdoors. Avoid that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your ignition struggles to catch by taking your car in to see us. We’ll test the battery for you, and have a great selection of new ones should your current one be in need of replacement.

Winter will be here before we know it, and whether you love the cold or hate it, it will do a number on your car. Proper car maintenance is essential in getting the most from your vehicle. Abide by these tips and you’ll be well on your way to surviving the chill.

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